Pioneer for integrated hydrogen economies.

What we do.

Our mission is to contribute to the decarbonisation and defossilisation in the mobility, industry, building and the electricity sectors by arranging integrated green hydrogen economies.

CO2-free produced green hydrogen together with the direct use of renewable electricity enables the energy transition. The task is to actively promote the sector coupling and to already establish economically viable systems today by linking systematically specific favourable local factors. Hydrogen works as energy storage, energy carrier or raw material in the industry and enables the sector coupling. Hypion thinks of entire value chains from production, logistics, distribution to the use of clean hydrogen. Partners and local actors are actively involved in this process. Hypion has the ambition to realise a dynamically growing number of integrated hydrogen economies from Schleswig-Holstein and thus make Northern Germany a model of future-oriented hydrogen economy.

What we don’t like.

There are some things that do not suit to us. Hypion follows a clear set of values and stands up for them. We take us the freedom to decide.

Shift responsibility onto others.

Hypion stands by what we do and leads with courage and foresight.

Leave existing systems behind us thoughtlessly.

Hypion appreciates the values that have been created, but does not miss chances to make things better.


Hypion wants that if it says green on it, that it really is green.

What we want.

Renewable energy from wind, sun or waterpower can be part of everyday life usage via green hydrogen. The areas of mobility, industry, heat and electricity can be coupled together.

Thinking like this is a change of system. To actively shape this change with real offers of implementation is what Hypion is all about.


In the mobility, commercial fleets in the heavy duty sector will be the first consumers of clean hydrogen. Hydrogen technology is used in transportation when the weight-performance ratio of a pure battery electric drive becomes inefficient and unecological.


Today, large systems and significant performance capacities are being built. Large-scale industrial standards help on the one hand to meet emerging demand and on the other hand to offer green hydrogen at a marketable price. At the same time, the industry itself must be defossilised and decarbonised. Large quantities of green hydrogen are required.


Cities and regions can be considered as one system. These units form Hypion the frame of reference to think ahead and develop integrated hydrogen economies. Despite many similar structures and patterns, every location is different. The attention is always directed to particularly favourable conditions. From there the system is then designed.


In the Northern German states with many kilometres of coastline, but also the associated inland waterways, attention is now beginning to focus on alternative fuels. Demands are being made and solutions must be developed.

How we work.

The concept of the integrated hydrogen economy is based on the development of a consumer market, the provision of suitable technological solutions for implementation and the necessary infrastructure. Hypion develops the overall system and fills the gaps.

  • Hypion is part of the green hydrogen economy.
  • Hypion is a full service provider in the field of Power-to-X and acts as a system integrator from the project idea, the strategic evaluation and the project development to the realisation and operation in the field of the green hydrogen economy.
  • Hypion takes care of the production, logistics, infrastructure and use of green hydrogen.
  • Hypion identifies, defines, and develops projects in the regular market environment on the basis of holistic integrated systems.
  • Hypion is a solution-oriented and fair partner of companies, cities, and municipalities.
  • Hypion is focused on real implementations.

Selected actions.

Hypion accompanies projects from their concrete elaboration to projects that are ready to investment in. Planning and approval documents are expected in a development period of about 15-18 months. Afterwards the project can be started and implemented in the operative business.

  • Hydrogen-based logistics Schleswig-Holstein
  • Hypion accompanies private and communal enterprises at locations in Schleswig-Holstein with the composition of a first heavy load fleet, the development of an appropriate filling station infrastructure as well as the associated production of green hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen utilisation in a regional centre
  • Hypion prepares the production, distribution and use of hydrogen for a medium-sized city in Northern Germany in road, rail, and inland waterway transportation.
  • Participation Reallabor Westküste 100
  • Hypion is a subcontractor of the Reallabor Westküste 100 in the region Heide. It is to be implemented on an industrial scale, the possibilities of being able to fly, build and heat sustainable in the future; The project approval is expected in summer 2020.
  • HeavyDutyFuelNet is ambition of Hypion to establish 7-10 hydrogen refuelling stations in northern Germany for trucks by 2025.


A first idea is born. Sometimes from the desire to act in a responsible and sustainable manner, sometimes because only to turn away from the conventional usual will secure business in the future, or because political decisions demand for change.

Project development

It is possible to use hydrogen in mobility. But investment costs are still high, vehicles are not easy to order and there is still a lack of filling stations or green hydrogen on the market. Hypion offers access to vehicles and develops the necessary infrastructure and logistics up to the production. Basic data are determined in order to achieve the most matching engineering via the conceptual design. Economic feasibility studies are carried out and permits are applied for. Everything that is required to make projects turnkey ready for the real implementation is taken care of.


Once the concepts have been written, planning is completed and approvals have been granted, it is essential to implement the project efficiently and competently. Hypion offers to accompany the project management, procurement, construction, certification, and commissioning.


The system is set up. It is to be operated with high reliability, so that the production of green hydrogen and its distribution is guaranteed. hypion offers with partners the production, logistics and distribution of green hydrogen as well as the asset management of the joint ventures.


There’s always something new happening here. Stay up to date and follow the news


Under the maxim “Pioneer for Integrated Hydrogen Economies”, the Development Agency Region Heide AöR, IPP Projects GmbH and EDF Deutschland GmbH have combined their expertise in a joint company, hypion GmbH.


We do not have any vacancies at the moment, relevant for non-german speaking persons. But you still think you would fit in with us? Then we look forward to receiving your unsolicited application.


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