Hydrogen Refuelling Station Neumünster

Refuel hydrogen.
100% green.

At the Neumünster hydrogen filling station, it is possible to refuel cars and lorries. Two 350 bar dispensers and one 700 bar dispenser are available for this purpose.

Refuelling at the automatic filling station is possible any time.

Cars with a 700 bar tank system can also be refuelled to approx. 60% filling level (SOC) at a 350 bar dispenser.

You can find the current operating status of the system and information on planned maintenance for the Neumünster site at h2.live

How to pay.

We recognise all the payment methods shown. For commercial fleet operators, we offer the use of a hypion fuel card.

How to refuel.

/ 700 bar
Cars <10 kg tank volume are refuelled according to SAE-J2601.

/ 350 bar
Vehicles with a 350 bar tank system are refuelled according to the Resato H35-Protocol.

What we can do.

  • Enormous performance with a refuelling capacity of up to 2,160 kg H2 in 24 hours.
  • Refuelling of at least three trucks directly behind each other and parallel refuelling of vehicles.
  • Redundant design for higher technical availability.
  • Back-up areas and sufficient space on four lanes for heavy goods vehicles.
  • Non-discriminatory payment options by credit or EC card.
  • open 24/7.

What we archieved.

From idea to realisation: the creation of the hydrogen station in Neumünster.


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